1.1 To provide a procedure for resolving client complaints quickly and wherever possible to the satisfaction of the client, and for preventing their recurrence.

  1. SCOPE

2.1 The procedure applies to any expression of dissatisfaction by a client concerning the quality of products or services received from Trader-coins. 


3.1 Any employee may record a client complaint.

3.2 Managers are responsible for ensuring investigation and resolution of complaints in their areas.

3.3 All staff must give client complaints top priority and must co-operate fully in any action required to resolve a complaint.

3.4 We will resolve all complaints in a fair manner.


4.1 Receiving and Registering a Complaint

4.1.1 A complaint received by a Client shall include:

  1. a) the Client’s name and surname;
  2. b) the Client’s trading account number;
  3. c) the affected transaction numbers, if applicable;
  4. d) the date that the issue arose;
  5. e) a description of the issue.

4.1.2 A complaint must not include offensive speech directed either to us or our employee.

4.1.3 We may, at our discretion refuse to handle a complaint if the requirements contained in paragraphs 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 above are not fulfilled.

4.1.4 Minor complaints, e.g., where a client points out a small defect or expresses mild dissatisfaction, are recorded and passed to the Manager of Customer Support Department, who keeps them on file. If deemed appropriate, the Manager may raise a Corrective Action Record for minor complaints.

4.1.5 All complaints deemed serious require that a Corrective Action Record be raised to control and record corrective action.

4.1.6 A person receiving a serious complaint either informs the Manager of Customer Support Department or the Compliance officer of the details or raises a Corrective Action Record to specify the nature of the problem, signs and dates the form and passes it to the Manager of Customer Support Department or the Compliance officer together with any letters or faxes from the client. The Managing Director is provided with a copy of all correspondence.

4.2 Investigation And Rectification

4.2.1 The Manager of Customer Support Department or the Compliance officer ensures a Corrective Action Record exists and assigns responsibility for investigation and rectification of the complaint to either the facilitation or administration team, whichever is applicable.

4.2.2 Response and action on client complaints must be swift, thorough and fair. The client’s concerns are to be listened to and discussed courteously and sympathetically.

4.2.3 The person handling the complaint gathers sufficient information and data to enable a thorough investigation and response.

4.2.4 Quick action may be required to resolve an immediate problem. The person handling the complaint ensures that action agreed with the client is carried out and recorded.

4.2.5 In addition to quick-fix action, complaints may need to be investigated to identify underlying causes and action taken to ensure the problem does not recur.

4.2.6 Short term action and action taken to prevent recurrence are carried out and recorded on the Corrective Action Record. 

4.2.7 The Company shall send its initial response to the Client within 7 business days from the actual receipt of the complaint. If the complaint requires further investigation and it cannot be resolve it within 7 business days, it will issue a holding response in writing or in other durable medium. When a holding response is sent, it will indicate when the Company will make further contact and inform the Client on the investigation progress.

4.2.8. When the Company reaches an outcome it will inform the Client of it together with any required explanations and any remedy measures it intends to take.


5.1 Refer to Refund Policy.


6.1 The client is informed of progress on complaint investigation and rectification at stages judged appropriate by the person handling the complaint or as agreed with the Manager of Customer Support Department.


7.1. Copies of appropriate correspondence and information related to a client complaint for which a Corrective Action Record has been raised, are retained on file with the completed Corrective Action Record. A register summarizing Corrective Action Record forms is maintained by the Manager of Customer Support Department and Compliance officer.



8.1 The Manager of Customer Support Department together with compliance officer monitors clients’ comments and minor complaints as originally recorded to detect areas for corrective or preventive action.

8.2 Where a problem or potential problem is evident, the Manager of Customer Support Department may raise a Corrective Action Record or report the matter for consideration at the next management review meeting.


9.1 If a dispute cannot be resolved by the Manager of Customer Support Department, then the Client may refer the dispute to the Managing Director. The Managing Director will attempt to resolve the dispute together with the Managing Director’s counterpart.


10.1 Customer Support Department: support@trader-coins.com

10.2 Compliance officer: compliance@trader-coins.com